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The beautiful and healthy women in our book have become famous for their appearances in the media, in shows such as American Idol 2009, Deal or No Deal, Americas Next Top Model and in magazines such as ENVY GIRLS and Playboy, + many more!
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View the models that are featured in the book below! That's right you'll be getting advice from models that have titles such as "Playmate of the Month" and "Penthouse Pet of The year" - Advice from models like this is INCREDIBLE and impossible to find anywhere else on the internet!

View the high-resolution pictures in the e-book! These fantastic models SHARE THEIR SECRETS in the e-book! Bianca Beauchamp, C.J. Gibson and Jennifer Walcott !

Here we have the lovely models from reality TV programs, such as Deal or No Deal, Paradise Hotel and American Idol 2010! They share info on the life in the reality biz-niz and showbiz!
Katie Cleary, Bjorn Jacobsen and Katrina "bikini girl" Darrell !

Hot and gorgeous women tell you how you can loose weight, be more healthy and get the body that you always wanted. These models make a living of their good looks so its worth listening to what they have to say! :) Kiera Sky, Kimberly Sarah and Kira Eggers!

Top glamour models share information, motivate you, promote better selfesteem and health awareness - here you get advice from Shannon Stewart, Natacha Peyre and the sexy Sunny Leone!

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In our book you'll be able to get EXCLUSIVE advice and knowledge from popular models that will improve your chances of getting potentially very lucrative modelling career!

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Get advice from some of the hottest models and most popular girls in the world and glamour business! The models on this website and in the ebook are famous for their amazing apperances in major magazines worldwide and they have been featured in magazines such as:
* Playboy

* Slitz
* Penthouse, Maxim and many, many more glamour magazines!





Other models in our ebook have been in popular reality shows like:

* Americas Next Top Model
* World Champion in Fitness
* Deal or No Deal
* American Idols 2009

* Paradise Hotel and many more magazines and reality shows!

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You will be able to see their nutrition plans, workout routines, how to get a strong confidence as a model, how to handle bad experiences in the modelling business, pros and cons and much, much more!
You will also be able to use the information to make out your own dietplan that all of the models talk about - that way you'll know what it takes, to have the body and mind of a successful model!

Get ready for diet and business secrets that are revealed by hot models who exclusively tell This advice is presented in easy to follow step-by-step guidelines in the book ! It's about more than a body - it's about YOU and your bodyimage too!

This is the most honest diet and lifestyle book you will ever find – because there are no magic solutions, no marketing buzz-words, no fancy-pants workout routines - This book delivers the truth and is told from the models themselves!

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The book also features experts
in the world of nutrition, who will tell you how you can get a more intelligent relationship with food and a healthier lifestyle Oprah Winfrey talk show expert, Dr. Mehmet Öz, and the former World Champion in Fitness Henning Kristensen. "The Models Diet" also includes Christina Bendix, the well-known Scandinavian dietician, who talks about her own experiences.






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2010 and we are more focused on our physical appearance than ever before.  The media keeps pumping out commercials, TV shows, music-videos and so on, which all play on our need to become sexier and more attractive!

We all want the perfect image but, in a modern stress-cocktail of lack of time, laziness and fixation with beauty, we all search for the quick-fix solution.

If you’re looking for a modern, new and practical guide on how to improve your body and your life, then you will find it with The Models’ Diet.

Through interviews with popular, attractive and successful models, you’ll get an inside view on how these models build, maintain and
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Louise, 18 years:

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Maria, 23 years:

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Pernille, 18 years:

"The Models Diet book helped me improve my self-image and I highly recommend all girls to read this book! It might sound like a cliché, but it really helped me out and made me understand more about myself too!"

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